Humans are amazing. We built the pyramids of Egypt, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and thousands of roller coasters. Workers sat unattached on crossbeams hundreds of feet off the ground to build the world famous NYC skyline. I have a close view of the Empire State Building every day and I never cease to marvel at it. These were built by the hands of men (and some women) who dealt with pain and exhaustion as they combined sweat, blood, metal and fire. Nothing is manlier.

Now that you’re amped, you should realize you’ll never have an opportunity to build an iconic structure that should withstand the test of time, pending Nuclear attack by the likes of North Korea or Iran. Our predecessors screwed, smashed, lifted and welded these structures into place.  While I don’t know of classes that allow you to smash stones or use large machines, I have found a class where you can learn how to weld. Sparks, blazing heat and melting metal while wearing an awesome Daft Punk mask is as badass as it gets. If you have any hesitation, just think what would Ron Swanson do? We all know the answer.

Scott Behr, renowned metal fabricator and owner of Total Metal Resource NYC recently launched Metal Shop Fantasy Camp classes in Brooklyn for a rapid, hands-on experience to learn how to weld metals – a unique, local gift or experience.

The 4-hour classes are offered on Thursdays (7:15-11:15pm) and Saturdays (11:15am – 3:15pm) and cost $215. Limited to 8 people for an intimate atmosphere, participants have the opportunity to take a steel tube, and through metal welding techniques, learn how to create a beautiful cube. Skills in the class focus on cutting, fitting, clamping, jig making, welding, grinding and more.




PICNow get welding.